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Complete the acronym below by adding 3-4 bullet points and an image that relates to your civilization:

Eexternal image Zama.jpgA Portrait of a roman Battle

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A Portrait of Julius Ceasar, a well known Roman Emperor.

  • Rome was first a republic, then with its success was officially and empire, with strong rulers.
  • The first laws enforced were called the "Twelve Tables". The Twelve Tables were written by 10 commissioners.
  • The well known Roman army was very strong and powerful.
-Well organized groups of soldiers were called "legions".
- Rome's advancement in technology gave the military powerful weapons.
  • The Roman Fleet controled the mediterranean.

Religions: Polytheism and Roman Imperial Cult from the first days of the Roman Empire to 380 C.E. From 380 C.E the Roman Empire became Christian.


During the time when the Romans believed in Polytheism (which was from the begging of the Roman Kingdom, all the way to into 380 C.E in the Roman Empire, this time frame also included the Roman Republic.) they worshiped many gods.

the most important of their gods was Jupiter who was the 'king' of all the roman gods,

then his wife Juno who was the queen of the roman gods.

The list continues with: Neptune- god of the sea, Pluto- god of death, Apollo-god of the sun, Diana - goddess of the moon, Mars- god of war, Venus- goddess of love, Cupid- god of love, Mercury - messenger of the gods, Minerva- goddess of wisdom, Ceres- the agriculture goddess, Gaea-Earth goddess,Proserpine- Goddess of the underworld, Vulcan- the smith and fire god, Bacchus- god of wine, Saturn- God of time and harvest, Vesta - goddess of homes, Janus- god of doors and gates , Uranus and Gaja - parents of Saturn, Maia- goddess of growth, Flora- goddess of flowers, and Plutus- god of wealth .

gods picture made by sapir rabinovsky
gods picture made by sapir rabinovsky

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Bacchus and Proserpine

E:When the Romen empire was growing, wealthy people were affected by the new luxuries and they were there was suddenly a "noble class". The wealthy families moved out to the countryside leaving farmers without land. New jobs were needed in the city for these farmers to get their basic needs. This made many hard working farmers very angry. Trading was a big part of the roman empire,for example, Rome traded grains with Eygpt, North Africa, Sardinia, and Sicily. Rome also traded spices including whote and black peppers. So over all the Economy of Rome was very good at the rise of the empire.
external image romapL3.jpga roman trade route

· Cement, which is gravel, water, and a bonding agent mixed together, was first used by the Romans to enforce their structures.
· The Romans constructed immense aqueducts, which were structures like bridges that brought water from hills, which still stand today!
· Piped fresh water was useful for supplying wealthy homes, and for supplying public baths for the community.
· The Arch, which was greatly improved by Romans, was used for many structures such as Coliseums.

A Public bath used for bathing and for exchanging gossip.
There was a separate bath for men and women.

  • Slaves, or servants were heavily depended on for housework, farming, and city work.
  • Retired and ex- slaves were given the opportunity to become citizens and to become apart of their society.
  • Roman women were required to be modest and isolated from Roman Society. It was up to Fathers to say if an infant was to live or to be executed.
  • Gladiators, people who bloodily fought through dangerous obstacles, were considered lower than slaves but could become successful and famous if they prevailed.

A victorious gladiator in the life threatening gladiator challenges.

Summary of your civilization's achievements:For a while Rome was the most powerful empire. It was because it was successful in all the important areas. They had the common Social classes, religion Changed many times because Rome had its own religion, then Christian missionaries came and forced everyone to be Christian, throughout this time, jewish groups tried to settle in Rome but were not allowed. Rome's technology was very advanced, the army had advanced weapons, people's everyday tools were even advanced. One of the most important areas was the government. The Romans always had a very intelligent leader and they were successful most time they needed something done, there was also many rules that kept most of the roman citizens in order. All these reasons are why rome thrived in the time it did.