Aztec Civilization

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Slogan: Once you go Azttec you never go back
Dates: DOMINATED Central Mexico by the 15TH CENTURY all the way to the 16TH CENTURY when the SPANISH CONQUERED and defeated them.

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  • Elected its own administrative officers and a tlatoani, or speaker
  • Government of the society was shared with the supreme council and the clans. A rigid class system kept peaseants and laborers far beneath the seats of power. They had no voice in the selection of their rulers.
  • The Aztecs were anoligarchy, which is a society ruled by an elite class.
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  • Aztecs were polytheistic, which means believed in many gods
  • Made sacrifices, some were even human sacrificed, mostly sacrificed prisoners
  • Aztec had a calendar dedicated to the sun god
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  • in larger cities, couple days a week, had Market Day to buy, sell, and trade
  • very good farmers and agriculture
  • knowlege of agricultural methods were used to build huge metropolis
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  • circular calendar made of a stone slab with carvings of symbols, dedicated to the sun god
  • built pyramids that served as temples
  • fresco paintings- applying paints to wet plaster
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  •  Aztecs used obsidian blades, slings, and bows and arrows as weapons in war
  • The Aztecs didn't have any farmland, so they devised a way to create their own farmland, called chinampas.
  • Aztec doctors used many herbal remedies both to cure and prevent illness. They knew cures for all sorts of things. For fevers they suggested to take regular steam baths, and they thought that the heat would clean and relax them and also sweat out the evil spirits that were poisoning them.

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  • Came in series of nomadic groups who entered the Valley of Mexico.
  • Diseases, particularly smallpox, devastated the indigenous population of Mexico and wiped most of them out.
  • Base family unit consisted of two parents and their unmarried children.
  • The main function of the base family unit were education of the children and food preparation.

Aztec social and political structure
Aztec social and political structure

Summary of your civilization's achievements: The Aztec Empire, a very well-developed civilization, lasted from the 15th century to the 16th century. They dedicated many of their works of art to different gods, they were polytheistic, to show appreciation. Another thing that they did for the gods were human sacrifices of the prisoners. They also cut out their hearts and ate them. Education for the children and preparing the food were the basic functions of most families. The Aztecs selected their own officers, or speakers. Also, in 1519 Europeans showed up trying to conquer their empire, therefore stopping their rapid growth as a civilization. Clothing that certain people wore would let others know what social class they were in and most common people wore Maguey clothing and only some wore cotton. Also, most clothing barely covered the whole body. Lastly, the Aztec Empire was conquered many times by many different Europeans that eventually rose to power.