The Persian Empire

"Persia the land of the Aryans"

550 B.C.-642 A.D.




-They had a Monarchy for their form of government

-Some of the Persian Kings were Cyrus the Great, Cambyses, Darius, and Xerxes

-Dominated several other empires such as Mesopotamia and parts of Egypt, Syria, Asia Minor, and India

-To split up govement they used the Satrapy System



-They were originally polytheistic

-When Xerxes was in power, he created the religion called "Zoroastrianism" which is monotheistic

-Zoroastrianism priests were called Maqis

-Ahura Mazada is the Zoroastrianism god

-Zoroastrianism religion is based on the struggle between good and evil



-One of the most common ways that they improved their economy was through trade

-Persians invested a lot into farming and irrigation to promote agriculture

-They had domesticated animals to farm and raise

-They tended to be a very wealthy empire

-They used gold and silver coins as money


Arts and Architecture:
-Art was showed off by carving designs in the sides of bulidings
-They made sculptures of leaders and satrap's (governors)
-Persian cities were greatly noticed for their stunning architecture, well-watered gardens, and abundant merchant districts.


- They used water wheels to raise water from the Nile River
-Water Wheels greatly improved agriculural output in arid regions
-They did a large amount of road building
-The institution of standard weights and measures helped Persians in trade and becoming united as an empire.



-The social classes were:

1. The royal family

2. Preists

3. Military Officers/Soldiers

4. Scribes

5. Commoners

-They had one of the strongest empires in the world during their time

-They shared and had to adapt to different cultures such as the Egyptian and Turkish cultures

The Persian Empire began in 550 B.C. and ended in 642 A.D. The Persian Empire was one of the most powerful empires and stretched from Egypt to the Aegean Sea. It was legendary for their wealth, beauty and style, One of their achievements was that they founded the religion Zoroastrianism. Over the course of the empire, this religion became important. Zoroastrianism taught that between good and evil, humans would have to choose which path to follow and were rewarded or punished based on their decision. The Persian Empire was very wealthy, they traded with different country's and had irrigation systems. After Cyrus a Persian ruler had Persians under his rule, the Empire continued to grow. Along the way of their growth, the Persian Empire claimed land and built a capital and it established a postal service and standardized weights and measures. This accomplishment allowed merchants to guarantee shipments, which increased revenues.These were just some of their accomplishments, The Persian Empire had many to name. But after all the Persian Empires great success's, Alexander the Great took over and the Persian Empire had disappeared.